Riverdale RiverFest 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011
Port of Call: 

Paul Elston & the Friends of the Hudson River Greenway in the Bronx invited the Tug Pegasus and the Waterfront Museum to their community in 2011. Matt Perricone brought his spud barge "The Black Diamond" with the Tug Cornell.  Public trips were offered on the Mystic Whaler Sailboat, the Tug Pegasus and the Tug Cornell. A fun community fundraiser aboard the Lehigh Valley No. 79 on Saturday night helped to raise funds to develop a public walkway along that community's waterfront. The Waterfront Museum is preparing to return again for the June 23,24 Riverfest in 2012.

Tug Pegasus tries to pull Tug Cornell out of the low-tide mud. Photo Credit: Steven Levin