PORT CITIES - A Multi-media performance. May 5-19, 2015

From the Financial District to Red Hook linking echoes from the past with the agendas of today.

Performances May 5,6,7,12,13,14,18,19 at 8pm and May 7,14 at 3pm.

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Directed by Talya Chalef

PORT CITIES NYC, the first movement of the global odyssey, is a theatrical journey from the Financial District to Red Hook. In May 2016, audiences will meet at Pier 11 in the Financial District, ferry across the harbor accompanied by an original soundscape, dock in Red Hook’s working port, and board The Waterfront Museum Barge for a multimedia performance. Featuring a live musical score by Cameron Orr, generative projection visuals by Horus Vacui, and an ensemble who move, morph, and mix between early settler icons and modern city dwellers, PORT CITIES NYC highlights systems of trade and cycles of violence. Examining the 2008 crash beside 17th-Century Tulip Mania, and the archeological discoveries of a slave burial ground and shipwreck under the Financial District beside modern commercial investments that incentivize mass incarceration, PORT CITIES NYC links echoes of the past with the agendas of today.

Photo: Kelly Stuart
Photo: Kelly Stuart