Keep Frozen - Documentary film maker and sculptor's talk and screening. Thursday, June 6 at 8pm. Red Hook - FREE.

DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] (formally known as Lucky Gallery in Red Hook) and the Waterfront Museum present an artist talk and screening of the award-winning documentary The Cornershop by Iceland artist Hulda Ros Gudnadottir on June 6th at 8pm at the Waterfront Museum located at 290 Conover St., Brooklyn, on the scenic Red Hook waterfront.

Hulda's talk will be based on her artistic research for a project titled Keep Frozen, which is an examination of Gudnadottir’s childhood memories of living on the waterfront in close proximity to its docks and dock workers. Consisting mostly of fieldwork, contemplation in the studio, experiments and gathering of footage/material in Iceland and in Africa, Hula has now brought her to Red Hook to explore local peoples complex relationships to the waterways both past and present.

In the past the harbor was a means of economy and growth, which has declined steadily for years, and now after the ongoing recovery of post Sandy a new danger allures. With the recent explosion of the development of our waterways because of the economical value of water views for both businesses and residential, it has become a power struggle between nature and man.

This May, Gudnadottir presented her research at a seminar at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Part of this research will be presented in a site-specific installation and performance at DE-CONSTRUKT [project] space in Red Hook, which will be the first public exhibition in the series.

“The development in art discourse in the last decades has moved from the art object to the art process and most recently art research”, says Gudnadottir, “where the process of making art is viewed as research parallel to research in any other academic field.”

Gudnadottir will also be screening her film, The Cornershop, which documents an unusual story about two brothers and a shop in Reykjavík, Iceland. It is a story is about the glue that keeps a community together that subtly comments on grand scale global issues effecting communities, the economic collapse and greed.

After the economic collapse in 2008 the film became a very appropriate comment to the state of mind in Iceland in the first decade of the 21st century. It is quite fitting to screen The Cornershop in Red Hook as both are shining examples of a communities uniting for the well being of its own people.

Hulda Ros Gudnadottir, is an awarded artist in her home country Iceland. She works with mixed-media installations, video, sculpture, photographs and documentary. She has exhibited in Barcelona, Berlin, New York City and Reykjavik in galleries and museums and screened her films in South America, North America, Asia, and Europe. Gudnadottir is based in Berlin.

KEEP FROZEN - Hula Gudnadottir