MOBY DICK - REHEARSED by Brave New World Repertory Theatre, May 10-12 at 7:30pm in Red Hook

MOBY DICK--REHEARSED by Orson Welles  performed by Brave New World Repertory Theatre at The Waterfront Museum in Red Hook. May 3-5 & 10-12, 2013. Co-directed by John Morgan and Alexander Harrington. Producing Artistic Director - Shannon Sindelar. Tickets here. $25 for general admission, and $18 for students and seniors

Orson Welles, famous for his movie Citizen Kane and infamous for creating a nationwide panic with his adaptation of War of the Worlds, turned his hand to another adaptation in 1955: Moby Dick. Welles stripped Melville’s sprawling masterpiece to its bones, transforming it into a play within a play.  The afternoon before an evening performance of King Lear, a Shakespearean theatre company presents a staged reading of Moby Dick.  Scripts in hand, the actors transform their space into the docks of Nantucket, the deck of the Captain Ahab’s ship, and wild and wasteful ocean.

Welles’ interest in Moby Dick was perhaps sparked after his performance as Father Mapple in the 1956 film version staring Gregory Peck as Ahab.

Photo Credit: David Wexler for the NY Daily News