Local Celebrities around the World. Photos by Gabriele Galimberti

Local Celebrities around the World. All Photos by Gabriele Galimberti.

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A local celebrity is someone who is clearly and undoubtedly famous in a limited geographical area. Everybody knows this person thanks to something he does or did in the past. His or her reputation and fame radius have to be in inverse relation in order to be a real local celebrity: a largely renowned name in a tiny area.

In my two-year travels through the 5 continents I discovered some local celebrities and soon realised they are like a rare litmus paper of the society they live in, a privileged point of view to look at it, a bolt to open its door.

Inventors, singers, athletes, cooks, local TV anchormen, comedians, professors, brave and eccentric people, hairdressers, immigrants, bar tenders, indomitable characters and artists. Almost endless is the number of typologies of male and female local celebrities. They are admired, but they are also your neighbours. They might have appeared on the pages of a national newspaper once and their press cutting is turning yellow in a frame in the living room, but they represent the opposite of the Warhol-like moment of glory. They will be always famous in their country, town or neighbourhood. People talk about them at the bar and race to offer them a coffee when they enter. They are called by their first name.

They all have got an interesting story, which probably crystallized in a night of twenty years ago, when they were protagonists of an heroic feat, or maybe happens on a daily basis on their school desks.

They are not freaks, but, indeed, they are the best of normality


Local Celebrities around the World. Photo: Gabriele Galimberti
Local Celebrities around the World. Photo: Gabriele Galimberti