Pyscho Bunny Photo Shoot

Longtime friends Robert Godley and Robert Goldman founded Psycho Bunny in the Spring of 2005 with their first collection of handmade neckties. They quickly earned an enthusiastic following in America and Japan.

With silks produced in a 270-year-old mill in Sudbury, England, the neckties are made by hand in Mr. Goldman’s own workroom here in the United States. Goldman’s family has been hand-making neckties for three generations, and are one of the few makers of their kind still in operation today . Since beginning as a small neckwear line, Psycho Bunny has maintained its reputation as a brand committed to meticulous quality, traditional craftsmanship and the finest materials in the manufacture of its goods.

The collection has grown since the inaugural season and now includes a range of cashmere scarves in classic tartans, pima cotton polo shirts (now for women as well), fine cotton oxfords with mother of pearl buttons, colorful pima cotton socks, luxurious merino sweaters, supergeelong ski hats, hand-enameled sterling silver cufflinks and a range of small leather goods produced in partnership with Ettinger of London.

The collection continues to exhibit designer Robert Godley’s ability to endearingly turn classic English and American design on its head with a distinctive wit, humor  and positive sensibility. Customers all over the globe are identifying with the brand’s take on menswear staples and its infusion of fun and vitality into one’s wardrobe.

physco bunny film shoot
physco bunny film shoot aboard the barge