Hurricane Sandy

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On October 29, 2012, a thirteen-foot storm surge during Hurricane Sandy covered our homeport pier with water. Two lines tied to the remains of a previously fallen pier proved to be strong enough to keep Lehigh Valley No. 79 off of the rocks.  Fenders and tires protected the 98 year-old wooden hull from going over top of the steel cluster piles that were totally submerged.  Deep gratitude goes to Doug and Kevin who braved and battled the epic storm with Captain Dave. Although the clean-up is not complete after close to one month, little damage to the vessel was sustained as several skylight panels were lost and the storage container was toppled. Tons and tons of thanks to the many, many volunteers who have helped clear the park, shoreline and readied the Museum for winter. School groups have again begun visiting the barge and work is now underway to build a temporary waterfront fence that will enable the Museum to again open its doors to the general public sometime in the near future.  Our success in avoiding a disaster is greatly dampened knowing the devastation that lies inland and that has surrounded our community with destruction.

Photo Credit: Pascal Perich