MELA performs Saturday October 27 at 2 pm on the Barge in Red Hook. Free!

Hear Mela. MELA is a folk band of original tunes that features an eclectic mix of piano ballads and world-inspired tunes about distant lands and lovers. Mostly inspired by Irish ballads and traditional world folk, the sound ranges from emotional pop ballads to sing-along drinking songs, Hungarian modes about Indian love affairs, tight Andrews Sisters sounds with ukulele, found lyrics and sweeping lullabies that make the most sense when it’s raining outside.

After a journey around the world busking, teaching, and culminating in a musical performance piece in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010, singer songwriter Melanie Closs formed MELA based in Brooklyn, NY. Her vocal styles rooted in theatre give her voice emotion and color, and her world travel experiences inspire her dramatic harmony-driven tunes.

“played alluringly...gentle, insinuating...”
Yvonne Korshak, review of Green Theatre Collective's As You Like It, featuring original music by MELA.

The name MELA comes from an international nickname that Melanie Closs took on while traveling in Asia. It is also a Sanskrit word that means "gathering of people" or "festival". MELA is an experience filled with joy and friends, a true world festival in itself.