Lehigh Valley No. 59 - Alice Scanlon

Lehigh Valley No. 59

Dear David,

Happy New Year! And here's another family picture for the Waterfront Tales. My mother and father - Alice (nee Sherlock) and Joseph McGowan and my sister Jane. Probably about 1926. A second cousin came across this picture and sent it to me. I had never seen it before and what a find! And how delighted my family, brothers and sisters were when I sent it to them. I was probably about 2 1/2 when this was taken and could have been asleep. I know I wasn't the baby we moved to the barge after Jane was born. It's wonderful so many, many years later to have this treasure. Hope all is well with you and your family aboard the Lehigh Valley No. 79. I look forward to seeing this on the website.  Thanks, Alice Scanlon.