BEAT FESTIVAL - Courtney Giannone & Creative Outlet presents Protean Acts & Urban Roots on September 23 at 2 pm in Red Hook Brooklyn

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One of Brooklyn’s favorite dance companies, Jamel Gaines’ Creative Outlet Dance Theatre merges rigorous classical and modern technique with African-American soul and spirit.

Their work is musical, flowing, athletic choreography merged with pulsing rhythms and executed by dancers whose bodies evoke both a ballet discipline and a lush, modern technique.

Courtney’s Giannone's choreographic productions merge several modalities of art including: modern dance, cyr wheel, acrobatics, video projection, and music.

Her breathtaking choreography has been performed nationally and internationally.

Courtney is a certified movement instructor of GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS and the Lester Horton Technique, and she teaches cyr wheel and traveling rings at STREB.

For The BEAT Festival, Courtney will be the opening act for Creative Outlet Dance Theatre.