Brooklyn Blowhards - 8pm July 23 evening, Red Hook

Brooklyn Blowhards Showtime 8pm.  No advance tickets sold day of show but there will be plenty of tickets available at the door for $15.

Sea Shanties-Pulling the beat. The sea can be a terrifying place. I love sea shanties because they embody the spirit of men holding on in the face of a vast and unknowable ocean which combines beauty and fear in equal measure. I love the tension of individual and group that is so present in the very form of these songs through the Call and response structure. I love the way this music is connected to the acts of physical labor on a ship - it’s feeling of resistance-the pushing and pulling of the beat; actually, more pulling of the beat than pushing – you don’t push with a rope.

Jeff Lederer-tenor/soprano saxophones
Petr Cancura –tenor saxophone
Kirk Knuffke-cornet, slide trumpet
Brian Drye-trombone
Art Bailey-accordian
Stephen LaRosa-concert percussion, ship’s bell,
chum bucket, chain
Special guests:
Mary LaRose-vocal
Gary Lucas-guitar

Brooklyn Blowhards
Brooklyn Blowhards