Showboat "Round the Bend

Co-produced by The Theatre Museum, the exhibit told the glorious hisotry of the showboat as an indigenous and popular form of American entertainment—both along our nation's waterways and within our own New York Harbor. 

Through the 20th century, showboats were the way people in small river towns got their entertainment, from vaudeville to drama to moving pictures. This unique look at the history of the American showboat and its impact on commerce and culture enlightened visitors about a little known part of the theatre's development in America. 

Curated by Mary Habstritt and Virginia Willets.

Following its run at The Waterfront Museum, the show moved in March 2010 to the Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler on the campus of the State University of NY in the Bronx.   


Exhibit Postcard
Exhibit Postcard